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Project in Kenya and Nepal

Description: The ACE (Access. Connect. Empower.) Scholars Program works with a local partner organization or school to provide high school and college students of needy families, typically from the rural areas in Kenya and Himalayas of Nepal, with support in achieving their vision of success during and after they complete high school.


Why? What’s the need? Higher education in Nepal and Kenya has the potential to act as a stepping-stone to an array of other opportunities, particularly for students from rural areas. However, prohibitive costs and lack of close student support act as barriers for many students in accessing these opportunities. Our partner organization provides schooling and mentorship to high-achieving students from rural areas to support them in completing higher education degrees.

How can you support? You can support high achieving  students in Nepal and Kenya by donating!  If you wish to donate to support the program, click on SUPPORT US above.

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